IX STUDIOS was founded in Copenhagen by designer Louise Mygind Andersen. We make quality objects in gold and silver that you can wear with style.

IX STUDIOS means Persistent Danish Craftsmanship with a Massive Attitude.

We are inspired by the X - An iconic representation of the intersection between contemporary culture, old school craftsmanship and sustainable consumption.
We only make lasting, personal pieces that can be worn again and again.

IX STUDIOS objects are found in
renowned stores across Scandinavia.

Intelligent design. Design for longevity. Slow jewellery.
Success has many fathers. We call ours New Way of Danish.

Rooted in our Danish heritage, we seek to prolong the active lifetime of our
pieces with simple, sophisticated designs that continue to be relevant—we’ve just added some chunkiness to the design for a bolder expression.

Persistent pieces with attitude. That’s our New Way of Danish.


We are firm believers in:

Personalisation over Prettification
Authenticity over Standard
Style over Gender
Detail over Decor

Our pieces are made to complement your personal look and for the same reason you’re able to customise or modify your piece with our personal engraving and design service.

Bottomline, we just want to encourage you in being YOU. That’s it.